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Equipment & Machinery Loan ✔ Equipment Financing of upto ₹30 Lakh ✔ Nominal Machinery Loan Interest Rate ✔ Minimum Documentation ✔ No Collateral Needed ✔ Check Your Eligibility Online ✔ Apply Now & Avail Exciting Offers ✔ Loan EMI Calculator

What is a Machinery Loan?

A machinery loan helps you finance the acquisition of machinery and equipment that your business requires in order to continue its operations. It helps you fund the lease or purchase of new machinery, as well as the repair of existing machinery that may have broken down.

Machinery Loan: Features and Benefits

Loan up to Rs. 30 lakh in 48 hours:

With Bajaj Finserv, you get a machinery loan up to Rs. 30 lakh. The high loan value, coupled with a fast disbursal time of just 48 hours means that you get finance to acquire new machinery for your business without hassles or delay.

No collateral required:

There is no need for you to pledge any collateral in order to avail a machinery loan from Bajaj Finserv, making the application process easier for you.

Doorstep service:

When you apply for a machinery loan, you will get doorstep service to help make the loan application process faster and more convenient.

Business line of credit:

When you take a business line of credit as your machinery loan, you can save up to 45% on EMIs. A business line of credit is a pre-set credit line from which you can withdraw and repay funds whenever you need. You need to pay on the interest on the borrowed amount as EMI, thus having a lesser burden of repayment to deal with.

Minimal documentation:

passport-sized photograph, KYC documents, proof of business vintage, and relevant financial documents.

Interest Rates and Charges

Type of FeeCharges Applicable
Interest rate16-35%
Processing feeUp to 2%
Loan statement chargesNIL
Part-repayment chargesNIL*
Interest and principal statement chargesNIL
EMI bounce chargesRs. 2,500 per bounce*
Penal interest2% per month

*Applicable after the first EMI is cleared.

Check your EMI using our Business Loan EMI Calculator

Eligibility Criteria

  • Self-employed individuals who have been running a business for a minimum of 3 years.
  • Entities like partnerships, limited liability partnerships, private limited companies, and closely held limited companies.
  • Other applicant types, depending on their profile, on a case-to-case basis.

Documents Required

Passport-sized photograph

KYC documents

Certificate of business establishment as proof of business

Audited turnover of the previous year

Bank account statement of at least 2 previous months

How to Apply

You can apply for a business loan by filling in the online application form here.

In 24 hours, you will get a call from our representative, who will tell you your pre-approved loan offer.

After this, you will need to submit the required documents to our representative. Once your documents have been verified, it will take 48 hours for your machinery loan amount to be disbursed into your bank account.

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